Meet the owners


Father-son duo, Robert and Eugene Kleyn having honed their skills in the formulation and fine liquor production with the cold vacuum distillation process set out to start a new venture.

The design and formulation of liquor came from the ever increasing demand from clients who had a passion for fine spirits.

The need to help people make their passion and desire to produce their own spirit and bring their brand to market a reality led to the birth of Cape Craft Spirits.

Our Vision

To build a business that is known for its quality and integrity that all its clients will be proud to be associated with.

Our Mission

To design, develop and promote premium liquor brands.

Design and
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Packaging design and
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Product approval and
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Bottling, labeling and
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Quality and
chemical testing
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Contact Us: +27 (0) 21 976 1603 | +27 (0) 83 270 7077 | Email: robert.kleyn@capetowncraft.com