Bossieveld Craft Gin Mystique (aka Vlakhaas)

Bossieveld Craft Gin Mystique (aka Vlakhaas)


Grain-based cold distilled vodka base, redistilled with juniper berries and infused with a secret recipe of hand-harvested fragrant Karoobossie botanicals. Mystique is fresh. For creator, Louise van der Walt, Mystique calls up early mornings with hot Koffiehuis coffee and aniseed rusks. She says it is a family of sparrows chattering in the bluegum tree with the sun just starting to peek over the Bobbejaanberg.

Bossieveld Craft Gin is invigorating and free-spirited, just like the people and the land it hails from. It is nostalgic and wistful – like the people and the land it hails from. To some it is crushing a bossie barefoot after an early morning rain, to some it’s looking up at the crystal clear Milky Way on a summer’s night. We can’t explain it either. You just have to live it. Great Karoo Spirit’s Bossieveld Craft Gin is made from 4 things, actually:

  1. Grain based, cold distilled vodka.
  2. Juniper berries
  3. Karoo bossies
  4. A whole lot of heart

Weight: 1.47 Kg

Dimensions: 100 x 190 mm

Package: 750ml bottle

Alcohol: 43%