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We develop, manufacture, and brand premium liquor your requirements|

Developing Premium liquor to Customer requirements is our business.

Developing Premium liquor to your requirements is our business.

With your idea and requirements, we will develop manufacture and brand premium liquor for you.

 We design and develop premium liquor from an idea to a fully-fledged product.

Designing and developing premium liquor is exciting and fun, from an idea to a fully-fledged branded product on behalf of our client.

All you have to do is send us your idea, and we will send you the details. 

At Cape Craft Spirits dedicate ourselves to the design development and creation of premium spirits to our customer’s requirements.

We take the dream and desire of our customers to create their liquor brand, and together as a team, we develop the brand to the consumer profile as the customer sees it.

You become part of our team and develop your product until we launch the product into the market.

We help with the selection of bottle closures and help with the design of labels and packaging. If you want our help in designing, our design team is there to assist.

When the team has completed the project, the liquor product will be shelf-ready and ready for local sale or export.

Monitoring distilling process

Logistics & Transport

When you have your product manufactured bottled and boxed you might want us to go all the way to arrange transport and shipping to whatever destination. Cape Craft Spirits

Certification and registration of liquor products


We will take your product and get approval and certification from all relevant authorities Cape Craft Spirits

Manufacture & Package

Once your product has been approved we can manufacture, bottle, label, and package your product. .

Design team

Design & Procurement

Our team of artistic designers will design your labels and packaging to your requirement and we will source the suppliers and manufacturers for you. Your brand will come to life and assume a strong identity.