Rum to be sipped

When we decided to develop our premium Rum, a Rum to be sipped and savoured we made the following rules.

We will only use the best quality feedstock and the best methods that we could avail ourselves of.

A vacuum distillation process that would retain the original flavours without changing or destroying sought after aromas.

Making quality Rum that is of sipping quality we had to look at the perspective from the client’s side. What is it that the client is looking for?  We came to the conclusion that it should be smooth, soft and subtle rum.

So we set out to make our Rum from the purest African molasses, with a sugar that is alive and treacle like.

Our Rum has been awarded the Michelangelo Trophy for the best craft rum for 2017.

Our rum can be enjoyed on-the-rocks or be the perfect accompaniment to your cocktail.

True Rum to be sipped and savoured by rum aficionados.