DD Dark Rum

From the stormy beginnings of rum where it was first distilled on the sugarcane plantation of the Caribbean in the 17th century to the sophisticated and refined spirits of today.
Rum formed the cornerstone of most cultures fuelling the Royal Navy and pirates alike.

Here at Durbanville Distillery we strive to retain the heritage of rum whilst applying modern methods to produce a smooth, soft and subtle rum
. We use the purest African ingredients and a method of cold distillation to retain the essence and soul of the Black Strap Molasses.

Our dark rum is twice distilled and then meticulously aged in American Oak barrels.

Tasting Notes

African Black Strap Molasses aged in American Oak barrels

Nose: Oak and vanilla notes with hint of toffee

Palate: Rich, velvety and warm vanilla character followed with a lingering sweet oaky aftertaste